An overimaginative local 8 year old is freaking the fuck out at Betoota Woolies tonight, after realising that the grocery store cashier is almost done swiping all of the items and his mum still hasn’t come back from ‘running back to pick up a few things she forgot’.

Tyler Weston, 8, had been asked to wait in line at the cashier as his Mum went back to grab some ‘Mummy things’ from the magazine and women’s health aisle, but had not been prepared to deal with her not coming back in time to make the payment.

“Oh god where is she?? I can’t pay for this, I have no money!!”, several on-lookers claimed he said loudly to himself.

Despite having no money and also being 8 years old, Mr. Weston is reportedly convinced that, should the cashier finish booking all of the items before his mum returns, the financial burden will fall upon his tiny 8 year-old hands, and that he’ll face dire consequences for not being able to fulfil his obligations.

“They’re going to arrest me for not being able to pay! I can’t go to jail! Who’s going to look after my Animal Crossing town??”

According to multiple reports, Mr. Weston’s situation has not been helped by the fact that several small families have begun to line up behind him with their trolleys, and are waiting for him intently to finish his transaction and take his supplies home.

“Oh god, it’s worse than prison. They’re all going to start yelling at me, aren’t they??”

Mr. Weston says he is now assessing all of his options.

“Maybe I can convince everyone to be patient for like two minutes until mum gets back. It’ll either be that or I run away and change my name”

Mr. Weston says he has no idea how he got into this mess, claiming that his mum PROMISED she would be right back.


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