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A man who turns up to an office in Betoota’s Old City District 3 or 4 days a week, has today revealed he’s ready for a challenge.

Jamie Williams, a guy who works in a financey job he hasn’t yet been able to explain to to his mates from high school, explained that he’s going to apply for the next season of Alone Australia.

This comes following the finale of Season 2 of the hit SBS program, that saw Krzysztof Wojtkowski take home the title of winner, and a handy 250 grand in prize money.

The Victorian with the 70 point scrabble name bravely fell over the line last night after 67 gruelling days in the wilderness all on his lonesome.

Initially thinking he was being medically evacuated like plenty of other contestants before, Krzysztof was then informed that he was the last man standing.

That’s something Jamie Williams says he’s hoping to replicate in 2025.

“Do an x-ray on me bro,” explained the guy who can proudly boast a 3:48 second cold plunge if you’re asking.

“I got that dog in me.”

“I’ve got that mentally ability to lock in and get the job done,” said Jamie, seemingly under the impression his ability to maintain a semi-strict gym routine would help him survive for a couple of months in the desolate forests of the cold country.

Williams then referenced his ability to go without food between the hours of 10pm to 12am, on the dot….

“Yeah, again man, I’ve got the mental fortitude to just block out the pain,” said Williams, seemingly comparing his intermittent fasting to Suzan, who managed to survive 2 months without procuring animal protein.

“And me and Hamish would be best mates at the reunion too I reckon haha.”

Williams said he’ll be applying as soon as applications come out later this year.

More to come.


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