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After having a bit of a tough time with the bat, the Australian cricket team has today had their spirits cheered a little.

The cause for the upending of the frown, came from New Zealand Cricket hiring the countrys most fabled ‘sheff’ – Grant Van Nisberg-Mehrtens – to feed the visiting team for lunch.

Deciding to treat the tourists during a rare Trans-Tasman Test Match series on Kiwi soil, Kiwi head honchos have decided not to spare any expense in showing off.

“Yeee, Grant’s gone end served up an absaloooot spreeed for the Ozzies,” said a spokesperson for NZ Cricket.

“Me oh my, boy oh boy, wouldja loooook et thet muxed grullllllllll.”

“Awwwww I’m just seleveating just looken et ut.”

Grant Van Nisberg-Mehrtens explained that he tossed up between cooking a Muxed Grull and jellied Hotdogs and Eggs with a sprinkling of Spring Onions.

“Yeee, jullied hot dogs are prutty special too,” said Grant.

“Thet mught be a Day 3 or 4 treat.”

Australian Captain Pat Cummins told our sport’s reporter that the mixed grill was very much appreciated, but he’s worried about the emissions that came from the amount of livestock on his plate.

More to come.


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