New South Wales Police have decided to respond to the recent One Four documentary with their very own diss track, after the scathing doco exposed the police to several years of harassment against the rap group. 

Now available on all streaming platforms, the brutal diss track, titled, “Hide For Cover” has left many baffled at the PR stunt.

With flares, dirt bikes and balaclavas, the NSW police’s first step into the world of Aus Drill seems to have come naturally to them after years of watching the Australian drill scene explode in popularity.

“We know how to direct a drill video, do you know how many hours of drill I’ve had to watch so we know which group of youths to follow around all day? I actually like the genre at this point,” said Constable Piers Towney (41), the videos director.

While the identity of the police-turned-rappers has been kept anonymous, one officer spoke to the advocate about the reasons for the diss-track.

“They wanna talk ‘outta school, they should expect a response. If cancelling their shows and stalking them hasn’t stopped their success, then maybe we have to fight fire with fire,” said the anonymous police officer who goes by the name ‘K9TopShotta’.

With mixed reactions to the track already, it’s clear that the NSW Police are committed to defending their honor through the power of drill.

A spokesperson for the NSW police has said the unexpected pivot to drill music shows the force’s ability to adapt to new challenges.

Others see it as a bold statement that they are unafraid to violently challenge communities they’re actually meant to serve.

It’s anyone’s guess where this war of words will lead. For now, the streets of Sydney are echoing with a new drill group, as the NSW Police bring their own brand of justice to the rap scene.


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