The Land of The Rising Sun has done it again, it can be confirmed today.

Japan, the home of many of the greatest inventions known to humankind, has birthed another winner this year, by sending Suntory Minus 196 Double Peach down under.

Fresh off the back of bringing the original -196s, aka Strong Zeros, aka the greatest invention known to mankind — down to Australia, the brightest minds at Suntory have now released a Double Peach flavour variant of their local mixer drink that has been stealing the hearts of Aussies on the way to pres since October 2021.

Derrick Dewson, Flavour and Innovation Expert at LITFAM (Licensing Inquiries and Testing For Australian Management) explained to The Advocate that the new flavour may be the greatest invention since Chicken and Avocado Sushi.

“Obviously the OG -196 Double Lemon stands on its own,” explained Derrick.

“But the new peach flavour has already reached the echelons of Chicken and Avocado Sushi and Instant Noodles.”

“And that’s saying something given Japan is responsible for things like Mario Kart, the Playstation, The Disc Man and of course the emoji.”

“They were probably feeling themselves a little too much when they tried to make Blu-Ray a thing, but we’ll let that slide.”

“In reality, Chicken and Avo sushi probably still holds a slender lead over Double Peach, just because of its more traditional authenticity you know,” he giggled.

For those who haven’t been to Japan, the Strong Zeros are a wildly popular drink amongst Australian tourists who simply will never wrap their heads around being able to get them from a 7-Eleven, or from those random vending machines on the corner of every street.

They have since been brought to Australia under the local brand name ‘Suntory -196’, and as a nation that doesn’t mind having a drink or two, we’ve already claimed them as our own.

The new Double Peach flavour follows the success of Double Lemon and then later Double Grape, whichAussies have since become well accustomed to knocking back. 

These fruity Japanese spirit tins have since become a household name for any good pres, with completely enjoyed cans regularly observed in their natural environment – gently nudging the yellow lid open on your local bin night or filling up the shopping centre return and earn.

Suntory have yet to confirm if there are any new flavours in the works, but plenty of holidayers who’ve spent time in Japan are reportedly begging for Double Grapefruit.

More to come.



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