As billionaire Liberal Party donor Gerry Harvey grows nervous that a Labor Government might force him to pay back the hundreds of millions of dollars his retail empire stole from the taxpayers through JobKeeper rorts, the Australian media outlets that survive off Harvey Norman advertisements have gotten to work to convince the nation that the most incompetent Prime Minister in living memory is a better option.

Peter Costello’s Channel Nine and SMH have taken a more subtle approach to the protection racket, preferring to hysterically cover ‘a nightmare first week’ that saw the Opposition Leader unable to remember the exact percentage of unemployment rate 7 days ago.

However, it’s Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp and Kerry Stokes’ Channel 7 that have taken the gloves off by rewriting history, reporting that Albanese was booed by his own kind at the Bluesfest festival in Byron yesterday.

According to Sky News and Sunrise, Anthony Albanese was greeted by ‘deafening boos and jeers’ as he took to the stage at the iconic boomer folk festival last night.

The Labor leader briefly faced the crowds ahead of a performance by rock icon Jimmy Barnes, but apparently, according to NewsCorp, did not receive the rock star welcome he was no doubt hoping for – despite the fact that all videos on social media show that all these old codgers were clearly happy to see him.

Some of these hostile voters even went as far as abusing Albanese with slurs like “G’day Albo” and “I plan to vote for you, mate” – as the incompetent moron who is absolutely a worse option than the guy who fled to Hawaii during the bushfires made his way through the crowd.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Sky News have reported that the crowds even started booing Jimmy Barnes during his rendition of ‘Working Class Man’ – after mistaking it for a reference to Albanese, a man who they hate because he will be a worse worse economic managers than the government who overshot JobKeeper by 60 billion and still managed to gift 110 million to Gerry Harvey and his mates.


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