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One of the benefits of COVID-19 has been the collective wealth of knowledge we have been able to share and learn from (as long as we’re using our elbows).

Unfortunately, for recently stood down social media manager Benjamin Coombs (28) the lesson he most recently learnt was that his job is not as essential as he once thought.

Having just been stood down without pay, Coombs now faces the possibility of living off his meagre savings while attempting to do the things he has never had the time to do such as writing a book or playing Red Dead Redemption 2 again.

“Hmm, my great Australian novel won’t write itself, but the legendary buffalo hat would look really cool, especially while I’m riding at night,” wondered Coombs as he sat on a couch he would soon work a new groove into.

“Although, Red Dead’s main story did have a lot of themes I could draw off…”

And with that Coombs dead-eye shot any chance he had at any creative or professional productivity during these uncertain times as he loaded the game disk into his PlayStation. 

“I’ll play for a bit then write for a bit, it will keep me motivated,” lied Coombs as he commanded Arthur Morgan to shoot a civilian in the face.


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