The Lizzo saga has taken another twist today, with one of her dancer’s airing some fresh allegations.

One of her dancer’s who claims she was fired for gaining weight, has exclusively revealed to The Advocate that she was forced to go on the ManShake Diet when she was on tour.

Made popular by former Newcastle Knights player Adam ‘MadDog’ MacDougall, the protein shake based diet has become extremely popular with tradies who have blown out, and office workers who love contact sport but can’t play it anymore.

The product has become so popular that it’s made Adam MacDougall one of the most financially successful men to ever emerge from the world of Rugby League, joining the likes of that ex Canberra Raiders proper developer guy.

However, the product has now been caught up in the Lizzo scandal, with the pop star’s dancers claiming they were forced to drink the stuff as part of the weight shaming diet they claim they were subjected too.

The new claims come following a bombshell report that the body positivity icon and music star was the face of a toxic team that allegedly bullied, weight shamed and sexually harassed staff.

Lizzo has denied the claims, saying that that they are outrageous and falsified – which hasn’t been helped by revelations that she’s got the same lawyer as Bill Cosby.

Newcastle icon Mad Dog MacDougall has yet to respond to questions about whether he was sponsoring Lizzo’s team, with many wanting to know how the American star came across the Man Shake diet.

More to come.


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