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As the power point faceplates were fitted and the fridge was wheeled back in, Mum and Dad’s kitchen reno was almost complete. Soon the new kitchen would be churning out the same food the old kitchen did, but with fancy garnishes to bring the food up to the high standard set by the Carrera marble benchtops and appliances from unpronounceable European brands.

In fact, only one finishing touch remained before the kitchen renovation could officially be considered complete: the replacement of the scabby old ice-cream bucket for vegetable scraps that takes pride of place next to the sink.

The bucket, which has been delighting fruit flies and repulsing visitors since mum got that worm farm composty thing is apparently a vital component of the local ecosystem, which explains it’s prominent position.

“I wanted to leave the vegie scrap bucket until last because I wasn’t really sure what colour would work best with the pendant light fixtures” explained Mum.

“I didn’t want to go with the white again because it’s a bit passé, you know? I was leaning towards Peters Original Vanilla, but it clashed a bit with the splashback.”

“For a while I had my heart set on Blue Ribbon Classic Vanilla but after the curtains were hung I realised it would have looked a bit intense; I really needed something a bit lighter. Eventually I found the perfect colour in Bulla Real Dairy Vanilla.”

“It’s blue, but it’s not too blue. It really draws the eye along the bench here, while acting as a counterpoint to the copper cupboard door handles and adding a bit of intrigue.”

Dad agrees that the restrained Bulla Blue is exactly what the new kitchen needs to set off the new colour scheme.

“Looks good, I reckon. A lot of people overlook the bucket of rancid vegetable scraps when doing up their kitchen, but we thought if you’re gonna do it, you might as well go all the way. Glad it’s finished anyway. And just in time; IGA said we aren’t allowed to bring paint sample cards into the frozen dessert aisle anymore.”


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