Former Prime Minister John Howard has been apprehended by security guards outside of Peter Dutton MP’s electoral office this morning, as he attempted to save the great legacy of the Liberal National Party.

The 77-year-old Order Of Australia recipient appeared to show complete disregard for the for the strict gun laws he implemented in 1997, as he blatantly waved a loaded glock 23 and called for the Minister Of Immigration to ‘come out and play-eh-ay”.

Howard was quickly apprehended by Dutton’s security detail, who rushed to diffuse the elderly statesmen.

“Let me at him!” he spat.

“You be apologising to Fraser in person when I’m done with you!”

Howard made headlines earlier this week after he rushed to the defence of his predecessor and recently deceased former LNP leader, Malcolm Fraser, following comments made by Peter Dutton that the Fraser Government was responsible for creating terrorism in Australia.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has stood by comments suggesting it was a mistake to resettle migrants in Australia in the 1980s, claiming he spoke the truth and would not be intimidated.

Mr Dutton singled out the community during a debate on Immigration in Parliament earlier this week, saying many people charged with terror-related offences came from that background.

However, on Wednesday, John Howard came out swinging in response to Dutton’s comments. Stating that Dutton was quite simply overlooking the fact that multiculturalism has only benefitted Australian society, and that the Minister For Immigration was grossly under-qualified for such an important cabinet role.

Howard said Dutton’s comments about his political mentor and LNP predecessor Malcolm Fraser’s immigration policies are pretty typical of someone who has only ever worked as a cop in Brisbane.

“Does that bloke even remember watching Hazim El Masri play football? He was called El Magic for a reason. Mr Fraser’s immigrations policies were ahead of their time”.

John Howard was last seen drinking a dark beverage at the Bracken Hill ‘rum jungle’ – after being removed from the scene.




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