Local Greek and five-eighth for the Betoota Dolphins 3rd grade, Yanni Comino has been thrilled to show off his Southern European heritage at the Windorah Helenic House over the weekend.

Before this week’s bus trip for the thirsty thirds, the 29-year-old accountant had previously only expressed his cultural background by showing an interest in tennis and soccer. Only rarely would he call someone a malaka, and only a few of his mates have been invited to Easter at Yaiya’s.

However, after being the only Greek at his table in a restaurant owned by migrants that come from the same island as his grandfather, Yanni was quick to introduce his relatively uncultured teammates to the ways of the Western Oriental Gentleman.

“We were looking for a place to get a feed before presos and the only place that could fit us was this dodgy Greek joint” said club captain, Jai Pearson.

“Turns out these Greeks don’t mind a drink. They were giving all this liquorice rum and shit”

“Yanni was yelling all this shit at them in another language, I think it was Greek”

Within hours it is believed that the entire restaurant was treated to an appalling football teams rendition of Zorba – while the post-match presentation at the Windorah Steelers clubhouse went ahead without the thirds.

Every single Greek person in Betoota can now expect to hear the word ‘Yassou’ on a daily occasion.

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