The war on wokeness has claimed another victim today, with a famous Australian TV show copping a significant blow.

In some some curious news from the Home of the Brave and Land of The Free,* a famous episode of Round The Twist has been banned from schools in the state of Florida.

Lawmakers in the state have reportedly banned the ‘Big Burp,’ – the infamous opening episode of Season 3 of the Round The Twist.

In the episode, Pete Twist notoriously falls pregnant after urinating on a tree.

Seemingly innocuous, the urination causes Pete to be impregnated by a dryad (tree fairy) who falls in love with him.

Pete is eventually force to give birth to the tree fairy baby, which comes out of his mouth.

Despite Round The Twist’s reputation as a definitive boundary pushing children’s show, the Big Burp episode was particularly, interesting.

So interesting, that it’s now been banned in Florida, as one of the latest casualties of the ‘don’t say gay’ bill which prohibits discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity at school across all grade levels.

Ron Desantis, The Governor of Florida and aspiring next president of the United States told The Advocate that there where multiple parts of Round The Twist that breached the bill.

“Where do you want to start?” he laughed.

“Tree fairies? Male pregnancy? Mouth birth? Inter genus relationships?”

“It’s cooked from start to finish and kids should not be watching this.”

“What is wrong with your country.”

We informed Desantis that he should probably steer clear of the Whirling Derfish episode.

More to come.

T’s and C’s apply. Please consult race, gender and pre-tax earnings.


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