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The Catholic Church is in crisis mode today, as the organisation faces its greatest existential threat yet.

This comes after the 87-year-old bloke in charge of the religious body has hit the headlines for making a homophobic comment.

The comment made to a group of old religious blokes in a closed room has sent the international community absolutely reeling.

“I just can’t believe an old Argentinian dude who grew up in the Catholic Church as the son of Italian migrants before moving to the Vatican would say something like that,” sighed one local Betoota Heights catholic this morning.

It’s unknown which one of the old boys leaked the use of the word that sounds like an Italian pasta, but Francis has since apologised.

The Pope said he “never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms,” before telling The Advocate that he hopes the world cuts him a bit of slack – given he’s the first leader of the church not to vocally declare he wants gay people to burn in hell.

The Pope has famously adopted a more inclusive approach to the LGBTQI community, saying in 2013, that who is he to judge if priests are gay.

Amongst other things he also made an order allowing priests to bless unmarried and same sex couples in December last year.

However, unfortunately for the Pope, this latest slip has now seen the Church cancelled.

While the institution has been able to survive all manner of scandals, from Royal Commissions to revelations that members of their church have been pretty much been running pedophile rings – it’s believed this comment from Pope Francis will spell the end for Catholicism.

The Pope is set to be removed from the future lineups like Christmas and Easter, with his future and the future of the Church now unknown.

More to come.


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