Ahead of Bob Katter’s long-awaited appearance on the ABC’s Q&A to discuss the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, the humble Member For Kennedy has today given the public a sneak look at his current stream of consciousness.

In November last year, Katter – who represents more Indigenous voters than 95% of Parliament, said he did not believe the Voice would “come to grips with the problems we’ve got” with regard to low employment rates and life expectancy.

“It will make them feel good, and I’m sure they’ll do it with the best of intentions, but will it achieve anything?” Katter said.

“Other people have spoken about tokenism, separatism, paternalism .. I think that’s being unfair.

“I think the people initiating this have genuine beliefs that they’re doing the right thing, but there is no doubt that there is an awful lot of people, First Australian people in community areas … they’re not saying it, but they’re thinking that it is tokenism, separatism and paternalism.”

However, today, Katter has opened up with his current thoughts, now that he’s had a few conversations with his good mates Noel Pearson and Anthony Albanese.



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