Charlie Hammersmith eagerly awaited his turn to share his Spotify Wrapped 2023 highlights via the group chat.

He was thrilled to reveal a wrap filled with an impressive collection of hardcore gangster rap. 

“It’s my go-to for getting pumped up on my way to the office every morning”, Charlie explained when asked why the genre was so heavily featured on his top 10 most played. 

Charlie’s mates tried to grapple with the stark contrast between Charlie’s corporate lifestyle and his passion for lyrics loaded with explicate and provocative tales of slinging crack cocaine. 

“It resonates with me,” he continued, noting that it helps him unwind after a long day of spreadsheets and budget reports.

Yes, Charlie might have 99 work-related problems but his detailed discography on Jay Z certainly ain’t one. 

Charlie’s humble upbringing filled with Saturday sport, home tutoring and tennis camp have left many scratching their heads wondering how Charlie could possibly relate to The Game’s lyrics “I bleed Compton, spit crack and shit chronic”. 

Nonetheless, Charlie persists in his playlist preferences, content with zipping on his Vespa to and from work with beats blaring to the tune of Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It. 


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