A local Dribbler has gone a little rogue in the snacks aisle this evening, as he attempts to cure his case of February blues.

With the BBL wrapped up, the Aussie UFC card done and dusted and no live Rugby League yet on the TV, local bloke Jayden Minto told The Advocate that his entire existence seemed pretty pointless until he gets to soak his eyeballs with some proper contact sports.

Standing in front of two shelves of potato-based snacks at the IGA in Betoota Ponds, Jayden told our reporter that the only way to spice up his generally boring Thursday was to give a new chip flavour a crack.

“Have you tried these?” Jayden asked our reporter, pulling a packet of Smiths Beef Stroganoff chips off the shelf and giving the packet a scan.

“Or what about these?” he asked, putting his clammy thumbs on a family sized pack of Red Rock Deli’s new Garlic Prawn and Hollandaise flavour.

Scratching his head like a confused toddler who’s beginning to figure out how flying foxes work, Jayden admitted that none of these chip flavours would fill the void of getting to watch 125kgs of raw Queensland talent cut opposition players in half with their shoulders.

“Man I just want Rugby League back,” he whined, “Can’t we just start the season already…”

Spotting a complete curveball flavour on the shelf, Jayden lost his mind at some Cappuccino flavoured potato chips.

“These are off the chain.”

More to come.


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