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The worries and concerns of many in the banking sector have been alleviated today.

With the final report from the Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Services Industry being handed out yesterday, a whole raft of measures have been proposed, including criminal charges.

While many across the board were starting to panic about things like the mortgage broking sector being rubbed out, criminal sanctions and a regulator being given powers to actually regulate, some good PR seems to have fixed all of those issues.

That PR, thanks to ANZ CEO Shayne Elliot, came in the form of the exec standing out on the street pretending to be poor for a whole day yesterday.

Posing for the cameras yesterday, Elliot pretended to try and sell the popular magazine the Big Issue outside his bank’s offices in Sydney’s CBD.

It’s being reported this afternoon that despite months of revelations and exposés about the criminal and immoral conduct taking place in the industry, Elliot’s yesterday have single-handedly repaired sectors public image.

“It’s incredible,” said another Bank exec called Gree Di-Phúc to The Advocate today.

“He managed to make everyone forget about all the crook shit we’ve been doing over the last few decades thanks to moral bankruptcy and financial de-regulation.”

“I personally think it was the 1 dollar 7-11 coffee he was drinking that got us over the line.”


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