With the Little Johnny Scandal heading into its third day, the powers back home in Australia have today begun making contingency plans.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has today asked the navy to get their things in order, just in case our Australian cricketers need to be evacuated from the United Sookdom.

The sooking of English cricket fans and pretend English cricket fans who want an excuse to claim the moral high ground has continued again today, with concerns growing about the mindset they are in.

As a result of the increasingly volatile sooking, the military are now mobilising HMAS Adelaide in case things turn south.

“We are a making a move on English waters, where we will be poised to send choppers into the Sookdom to bring our boys out,” explained a local general today.

HMAS Adelaide is the largest naval vessel ever built for Australia, and is the second of two Canberra class landing helicopter dock ships in our possession.

While it’s hopped that things don’t deteriorate any further, the local general said his team will be ready to leap into action if needed.

“Finger’s crossed it doesn’t come to that. But if it does, we’ll get them out. Don’t worry.”


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