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Australia’s Prime Minister is this week facing mounting pressure to take a stance on the situation in Gaza.

After spending the last few months pretending he’s forgotten he ever protested on the issue, Albanese is now being called upon by a growing number of people to condemn Israel’s military action.

The growing volume of the calls to condemn Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli military come as an Instagram story template gets spread on social media like wildfire.

The All Eyes on Rafah tile, calling for people to pay attention to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has drawn more than 36 million shares on Instagram in just a couple of days.

The tile went viral after an Israeli strike on a tent camp in an evacuation area west of Rafah killed 45 people, and has continued being shared after it was revealed another 21 people have died after another strike on the civilian camp.

While there has been plenty of noise around conflict, it’s believed Albanese will no longer be able to ignore the topic now that the tile has filtered into the world of Gold Coast fitspo influencers and their audiences.

With generally apathetic well paid tradesman across the country now being served up the tile and subsequent horrific images from Gaza, the somewhat news agnostic portion of the population in a media monopoly controlled country, have now been made aware of the issue.

“What. Hold on a second. How the fuck haven’t I heard about this!?” said Bill Wilson (39) from Bundaberg this afternoon.

“This seems pretty fucking crook if ya ask me.”

“The blokes in charge probably should call it out,” said the man whose news consumption pretty much centres around NRL360 and the odd clickbait Daily Mail article that pops up in his news feed.

It’s believed the sentiment has now permeated through the algorithms of various social media platforms used by this highly paid and highly catered to section of the voting population.

Albanese has yet to comment on the issue, but is reportedly mulling over offering a statement now there’s a chance he might be getting such a crucial voter base offside.

More to come.


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