A man working in the high rise precinct of Betoota’s Old City District has today confirmed that he’s had enough of a popular new trend on social media.

Michael Timms (27) explained to The Advocate that he’s well and truly over the ‘looking for a man in finance’ thing.

“It was a funny bit for a few days, but I’m done with it,” explained the man who does not have any of the traits of the current trend.

Spread like wild fire all over social media and in every office where people wear suits, the trend was started by a creator on TikyToks called the Girl On The Couch.

The girl on the couch, Megan Boni jokingly created a 19 second song that goes along the lines of:

“I’m looking for a man in finance”

“Trust fund”


“Blues eyes”

Created as a bit of a lol about the current state of the dating scene, Boni’s hit quickly became a thing, with DJ’s rushing to remix the video for her online virality.

That virality has seen her land a deal with Universal Music Group, with the label now managing the rights to any remixes of the extremely catchy hook.

While the deal is great news for Boni, local finance bro Michael Timms said he’s not as pleased with the new update.

“I’m aware of the humour in the joke, but I’m also sick of being reminded that if I didn’t get on the piss every weekend I could be the correct riding weight for Eagle Farm on the weekend.”

“And all of my non-finance mates from the local public school thinking it’s the funniest thing in the world to ask if I know any 6’5 guys in the finance.”

“I’m done with it. Time for a new joke imo,” finished the man who frequently claims he doesn’t care about his height.”

“I’m 5’8 by the way,” he chirped, walking off.

More to come.


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