After only six weeks back in the game, a local ex-girlfriend has recently bombarded social media with photographic evidence of her new active lifestyle – in a trendy new gym, in a trendy new suburb.

The 28-year-old by the name of Jenna was recently broken up with, by her commitment-phobe boyfriend, James, who after 18 months, still hadn’t given her any form clarity about where their relationship was heading.

After posting several photos that show her getting close with a seriously rigged personal trainer in front of her new F45 gym – it is quite clear to everyone in her social media circle, that Jenna is back.

Jenna says the supposedly platonic relationship with her womanising PT has helped gain the confidence needed to start shagging around again.

“Trent’s a really nice guy. I wouldn’t want a romantic relationship with him… But it probably could be a nice jump start”

“I think it’s just enough to stoke a few old fires on social media. Now they know Jenna is back” she says while breathing onto the lenses of her new Bailey Nelsons, before taking a sip of a new style of coffee that she has only just heard about.

Local man, Charlie Boylan, says he was kind of keen to hear that Jenna was single again, and these photos have just confirmed that it might be time to try it on.

“She’s a sort, mate” he says while swiping through the inundation of photos on her recently recharged Instagram.

“That ex-boyfriend of hers was a grub. I’m glad she’s done with him. I’m fucking into it”

Jenna’s ex-boyfriend was approached for comment but he was too busy unsuccessfully trying to root all the girls he thought he could have rooted when he was with Jenna.


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