Without explicitly saying anything negative, your mum has just indicated that your new haircut is shit but exactly what you needed, over Skype.

It didn’t take mum long to notice that something had happened to your hair, and after decoding her loving criticisms it is assumed that she thinks you’ve taken too much off on the sides – but at least you no longerlook like pub sound technician

“Ohhhh! It looks different!”

“That’s a new look. Short sides, huh? That must be the new thing”

“It looks very smart. It’ll look even better in a few weeks”

When questioned as to why a couple weeks growth would improve your haircut, mum responds by kind of changing the subject, but not really.

“Oh it’s just a bit layered, that’s all. Looking good anyway. How’s work going?”

“Is that haircut going to be okay at work?”



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