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As the price of used cars continues to trend upwards in a detached, hyper-inflated hell ride, a Betoota Grove resident is showing his neighbours that he has money to burn.

Outside a house that has its own name on the corner of Cohen Mews and Rubenstien Avenue sits a 1987 Honda Accord that hasn’t been moved in over a year.

The Betoota City Council has left notice after notice on it, asking whoever owns it to move it. At some point this winter, the number plates went missing. Since then, it’s been the subject of a petition on locals facebook group Betoota Grovers calling for it to be removed.

According to popular online car valuation websie, Redbook, the Accord has a value of between $35000 and $65000.

Our reporter has been able to do what nobody in the Betoota Grovers Facebook Group has been able to do, they’ve been able to track down the owner of the car and what they had to say confirmed suspicions.

The vehicle belongs to the middle-aged man who lives in the house opposite the car. He explained to The Advocate that he left the car out the front of his neighbour’s house because he doesn’t like him and knows he hates it.

“The car belonged to my Mother, she doesn’t drive anymore,” he said.

“So I took it and parked it there. I parked it there because once I parked my car there, that bottle green Jaguar over there, and he came and knocked on my door and asked me to move it because it was parked out the front of his house,”

“Imagine that. I grew up in social housing in the 60s and now, thanks to a largely regressive tax policy and sustained property concessions, I’m rich as hell. Imagine working hard your whole life and buying a nice house in Betoota Grove, only to learn when you move in there that you’re girt by cunt neighbours on all sides. That’s what they don’t tell you about getting rich. That rich neighbourhoods are full of cunts,”

“Anyway, that’s my car and it’s staying there. I don’t care what it’s worth. If the council take it, I’ll put my boat there.”

More to come.


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