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Last Friday a rally was held in the courtyard of Betoota’s leading tertiary educator, The University Of Western Queensland, to protest the poisonous inequality that’s come to consume the campus.

Becky Greer (27), founder of the Loudest Voice hosted the rally to draw attention to the plight of those who she believes are the last minority to be exposed to oppression – middle class white Australian females.

The Advocate caught up with Becky shortly after the protest to see what exactly her positioning was and what grounds the group was formed under.

“Surely you’re aware of this whole inequality thing? Do you watch Girls?”

“Don’t people think middle class white women deserve equality too?”

“I do. Gay marriage has come and gone. But for me, the fight isn’t over until I see equality for people like myself. And when I do, It will end immediately”

“You might not know because you’re obviously not halfway through a business/media degree so aren’t really exposed to that many middle class white women. But it’s the most immediate civil rights battle, in my opinion, as someone who has never left the suburbs and don’t really know anyone who isn’t anglo middle class Australian.

Australian Human Rights Commission spokesperson, Caroline Taggart, shared her thoughts on The Loudest Voice and revealed whether or not a partnership might develop between the Commission and The Loudest Voice.

“Yes, Becky has reached out to me a number of times, she’s definitely committed to her cause”

“It’s just, I’ve got bigger issues here. As a middle class white female myself, I can’t say I experience the same discrimination as other minorities in our community… But maybe things have changed at Women’s College”.

The Advocate understands there’ll be a national march held for WWHRT on September the 14th, outside Parliament house, with hopes of a non-denominational lamb barbecue at the end for everyone to celebrate the end of inequality forever.

More to come.


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