A local alpha male who has taken on the duty of cooking all of the meat at a barbecue in the park, has nonchalantly poured beer on the hot plate several times now, as though it’s some sort of traditionally family recipe.

Friends say that there was absolutely no questions asked when local outdoor furniture retailer, Shaun (28) took hold of the tongs and began fiddling with the tap on the gas cylinder.

“He didn’t even bring the barbecue” said Katie, the birthday girl and a close friend of Shaun’s girlfriend.

“Dave bought the barbecue… and I bought the meat”

“Mind you, Shaun did bring a heap of beer. Most of which I believe is currently sizzling alongside the sausages”

When questioned by Katie’s 18-year-old cousin, Mitch, as to why he kept casually pouring beer on the barbecue, Shaun pretended it wasn’t a big deal.

“Oh that. That just helps you clean the pan a bit”

“But yeah it doesn’t hurt to pour it on the snags either”

“Mate, I’m gonna go get a couple beers. You want to take over for a bit?”

With Mitchell now manning the hot plate, with a beer in hand, it appears the crown of masculinity has been passed down to a new alpha, to share the secret of pouring beer on the barbecue in front of his own friends.



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