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Self-confessed ‘strong woman’ Mia Edmondson reportedly laid down an absolute shocker of a comment during lunch with the girls today, which left even the mildest of her mates completely rattled.

It’s reported that one of the friends, Lisa, was looking to her mates for some commiseration over a shit incident at work when Mia felt the need to be a fucking asshole.

Mia allegedly at least warned Lisa by stating she was only ‘saying it because she loves her’, which was her way of masquerading hurtful comments under the guise of having her friend’s best interest at heart.

As someone who was used to being able to shit all over people, Mia was initially confused by the backlash of the group as she’d purposely befriended people too scared to voice their opinion.

“What? I’m just being honest, would you rather I lied to you?”

“I hate to be blunt but it’s TRUE.”

But when her personal punching bag/constant admirer, Melanie, didn’t come to her defence, Mia attempted to backtrack hard.

“I didn’t mean it like that, it just came out wrong.”

“Oh, you’re not hungry now? That’s a bit fucking dramatic Lisa, you know what I was trying to say.”

“Can we just move on please, it wasn’t that bad. I’ve heard you say way worse things.”

Mia’s protestations were reportedly met with silence, which gave her no other choice than to pull the biggest move out of her asshole bag of tricks and issue a fake apology.

“FINE, I’m sorry you feel that way. Are we done now?”

“God if I knew how touchy you were going to be about it I wouldn’t have said anything haha.”


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