Boris Johnson has been named the next British Prime Minister in what has been described as another much-needed win for husky guys who don’t know how to dress that well.

Johnson become the most recent winner in the UK’s revolving door leadership coups, after knocking off Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt for the top job.

However, Mr Johnson has found favour with one very high profile TV-star-turned-leader-of-the-free-world — Donald Trump.

The US President said Mr Johnson was a “really good man” who is “tough and smart”.

Donald Trump, the original daggy dictator, heaped similar praise on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the hours after his 2019 Federal Election win.

Between the three of them, there looks like there could be a lot of stern conversations about the Australian cricket side’s batting order over a few too many crownies this Christmas.

Johnson’s appointment now also means ill-fitting suits and messy hair is officially back – as Western Civilisation makes it clear that would much rather be led by very rich people who look and act like your school bus driver.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reportedly taken Johnson’s win as a clear warning, and has immediately ditched his vegetarian diet for a carb-heavy alternative.



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