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A recent survey conducted by Tourism Australia of yuppie white dogs around the country has found that about 70% of them are currently in Byron Bay.

The remaining 30% are either toying with the idea of going to Byron for some reason or planning to go to Gracetown south of Perth.

This survey did not speak to anybody in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory because they’re economic handbrakes on our national economy and take more than their fair share of GST.

The survey also revealed that a number of these white yuppies currently running amok on in the Northern Rivers are planning to drop and knee at some stage.

News that our national supply of office drones have flocked to the most expensive property postcode in the country has shocked nobody.

Especially the locals.

Yurt Banjo has been living in Byron for six months and she says other locals and her are fed up with these capital city types coming into town and disrespecting them.

“They all look the same, they’re all earning around a $100k in some corporate role at 30 years old and think they’re kicking goals,” she said.

“And worst of all, they’re all in my town,”

“Yuppies out of Byron, now!”

More to come.


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