A naive young media employee has been humiliated in front of her entire team for a serious faux pas today.

The aspiring journalist sitting in on the morning news conference reportedly suggested doing a story about people manipulating legal loopholes to create complex companies in tax havens to avoid paying tax, and repercussions for illegal shit.

Her pitch came in the wake of the International Consortium of Investigate Journalists and the ABC revealing the details found within The Pandora Papers.

The Pandora Papers, similar to the Panama Papers are 12 million financial documents relating to a lot of rich people moving their money through secret offshore accounts, so they can do dodgy stuff that is too time-consuming and tricky for the authorities to bother trying to unpick and do something about.

While a notable story in the context of wealthy figures maneuvering money away from the tax department, international figures buying up real estate and pricing Australians out of the market and corrupt business dealings, the Sky News Producer has been told that it’s not something her employers are interested in.

“Read the room,” laughed one of the old media men who has spent a career distracting the nation from the dodgy corporate shit that goes on with stories about ‘welfare cheats.’

“Why would a company that always runs at a loss, pays no tax, and has multiple holdings in multiple countries want to start banging on about people and companies engaging in illegal and morally corrupt behaviour,” he said.

“That would be shooting ourselves in the foot.”

“We may as well go out and start talking about people in the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney not following public health rules.”

“You might want to be a journalist, but this is a media game, and you need to try and anticipate what the people above want to see if you want to progress.”

“What about a story about young people attacking the new NSW Premier for being religious, and how it exposes a double standard preached by the acceptance brigade on social media?”

“Now, that’s a story!”

The room then patted themselves on the back with all the blokes nodding in agreement.

More to come.


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