Serena Williams absorbed a $US17,000 fine for acting like an Australian man during her US Open final loss to Naomi Osaka on Sunday.

Debate raged over whether the code violations that sparked her blow-up, and the subsequent fine were sexist, after it became clear she really wasn’t behaving much worse than any half-decent Australian player would.

In 2016 at the French Open, Ramos called Nick Kyrgios for a code violation for yelling at a towel boy. Kyrgios accused Ramos of having a double standard and was described as “mystified” by the penalty and gave a bit of lip, but wasn’t fined because it’s better to just move past these things, unless you are dealing with an hysterical and intimidating female sports superstar from Compton.

However, Serena’s incident has sparked furious debate online from people who don’t really understand tennis but have very loud opinions that need to be heard.

People who inherently don’t like Serena Williams have blasted her for ‘ruining’ Naomi Osaka’s moment, Kanye-West-VMAs-style – while people who like Serena Williams have said she’s the victim of a witch hunt of racist and sexist oppressors that have prevented her from winning anything over the last two decades.

Margaret Court has given comment and said pretty much exactly what you’d expect her to say about the incident.


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