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The Nightwatchman of Australia has blamed hackers this morning after his official Instagram account ‘liked’ a controversial post by rugby union player Israel Folau overnight.

At 3:34 AM last night, a number of monitoring bots that follow the official social media accounts of federal politicians detected Scott Morrison’s liking a widely-criticised post by Folau, which has been labeled homophobic and anti-social.

However, ScoMo was quick to brush off the mishap, telling reporters this morning in Canberra that there’s bigger issues to talk about right now than his Instagram account.

“I called an election this morning and all you want to talk about is Instagram! Bloody millennial journalists, I tell you what!” laughed Scott.

“The post made by Israel Folau overnight was in poor taste and not reflective of the Christian community as a whole. While we may not see eye to eye with everyone on every matter, let it be known that Jesus has love for you all – even if you turn your back on him,”

“Because when you decide to turn around, Jesus will be standing there with a crisp softpack of Peter Stuyvesant Classics, the Rolls-Royce of cigarette if you ask me, and a bottle of port ready to accept you. Now. Who wants to talk about the election?”

However, Labor and a selection of crossbenchers have called for further investigation into the alledged hacking, saying that there’s clearly something awry within the Liberal Party.

The hacking comes just 18 months after outgoing Liberal frontbencher Chrissie Pyne had his official Twitter account hacked after the same monitoring bots discovered his account liking a string of hardcore gay pornography images in the early hours of the morning.

No evidence of hacking was uncovered during the investigation.

Conservative senator Cory Bernardi lead the charge against Pyne but in this instance of hacking, he told The Advocate that he’s satisfied the threat of hacking has been neutralised.

“I don’t see much wrong with Israel Folau’s tweet, really,” he said.

“And the Prime Nightwatchman’s media advisor has told me that he’s changed the password to the Twitter account so there’s not much to see there, either,”

“I say play on. Boys will be boys.”

The Advocate reached out to the Labor Party for comment but have yet to recieve a reply as it’s still before noon.

More to come.


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