A recent report by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics in partnership with the News South Wales Police Force has found that the iconic Inner-Sydney Newtown Jets are responsible for majority of all violent crime committed in Sydney in the two decades leading into their departure from the first grade NSW comp.

“Yeah, and heroin trafficking, apparently” said one researcher from the ABS.

“They were into a lot of shit”

While the study found that most of the violent crime actually occurred on the pitch, during play, players were also known for the links to organised crime and sporadic violent episodes off the field.

“Yeah. I mean, I know rugby league is supposed to be a bit unrefined and rough… But Jesus Christ. These guys make up more crime stats then the Hells Angels” said NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller

“That 1975 team alone is accountable for about 32 murders and several armed robberies”

This follows the news that former Jets star Chris Dawson, the former husband of missing Sydney woman Lynette Dawson, will be extradited from Queensland to NSW where he is expected to be charged with her murder.

Dawson (70), who is at the centre of the popular Teacher’s Pet podcast, appeared in Southport Magistrates Court today. This comes after several decades evading charges for what looks like a pretty obvious murder – in hindsight – after his wife disappeared from Sydney’s northern beaches on January 9, 1982. After years of infidelity and abusive behaviour from Chris.

Listen to The Betoota Advocate’s in-depth interview with Hedley Thomas, the man behind Chris Dawson’s arrest, below:


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