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One Nation suffered a massive swing against them in the Queensland election over the weekend and now the party leader is looking to lay blame.

Pauline Hanson told reporters in Brisbane this morning that she blmaed the election disaster on the lack of immigration into Australia during the pandemic.

The former seafood chef told The Advocate that having no immigration into Australia made her party largely redundant.

“COVID did what One Nation has tried and failed to do for thirty odd years,” she said.

“Stop immigration into Australia. Now that it’s been acheived, it makes us surplus to demand. Without immigration, there’s no One Nation. With no One Nation, there is, uh, more immigration?”

“Either way, this election in Queensland over the weekend was an unmitigated disaster that was Clive Palmer’s fault in the end. He stole 12000 votes from us. That would’ve got us over the line in many electorates. The Katters also torpedoed us in the north west. With all these people trying to undermine us, including the LNP and Labor and The Greens, it’s no wonder we lost so badly,”

“Next time, we’ll be ready to paint Queensland orange.”

More to come.


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