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Meisha Donlon has had to have a hard conversation with her mum today.

The 27-year-old Secondary Teacher from the French Quarter decided it was time to explain to her mother that the end of year family trip to the Sunshine Coast just wasn’t going to work.

When Miesha was a kid, the family used to make the annual pilgrimage down to Caloundra to lap up the sun and the surf over the New Year’s break.

However, with Miesha and her 2 brothers now all out of home, her mother Beverly had made grand plans to have a family holiday like the good old days.

Unfortunately though, these plans clash with Miesha’s roadmap for New Years, which includes heading down to Little Bondi on NSW’s North Coast for Falls Festival in Byron Bay.

“I decided it was time to let mum down, as gently as possible of course,” Miesha explained.

“It’s just already sort of locked in with the girls, so I just tried to break it to her gently that maybe we could the family thing next year, or at Easter of something.”

“She didn’t take it well.”

Miesha told us that she promised her mum that she would try and make it up after the festival, for the last couple of days of the family trip.

“The shell of my former self will probably need some home cooked food and tenderness from Mum after Falls, so hopefully the bitterness eases in time and she looks forward to having me up there.”

More to come.


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