Tech giant Mike Zuckerberg had the carpet pulled out from under him for a change as Australian Treasurer Joe Frydenberg changed his Zoom meeting background to Bowser’s Castle to intimidate and terrify the Facebook CEO.

With Treasurer Frydenberg ensuring Australians he will not back down on his promise to steal from the rich and give to the rich (with a bunch of peasants getting fucked along the way), JoFry is pulling out every trick in the Sean Spicer manual to appear large & dominating even though you’re really just a mediocre white guy with great connections.

“Who is more intimidating than the King of Koopas himself,” stated Frydenberg as an intern showed him how to change the background of his video conference software to that of the lair of Super Mario villain Bowser. 

“I don’t think young Mark will be expecting this. Our cunning ruse will have him trembling in his booster seat.”

According to sources within the Treasurers team, Frydenberg claims Zuckerberg was wrapped with fear at the sight of Frydenberg standing menacingly before the twirling fires of the labyrinthian castle that most people associate with racing video games.

“Once or twice [Mr Frydenberg] pretended to be sniffing brimstone in the air and interrupted Mark Zuckerberg to say how hot it was standing by the moat of lava,” stated an anonymous insider.

“Then he got me to put Bowser’s face on his using a filter and he roared for like three minutes and warned Mark Zuckerberg not to make him angry ever again.”

When asked for a comment on the negotiation, Facebook stated the deception was noted and that they were satisfied Mr Frydenberg actually believed he was talking to the real Mark Zuckerberg.


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