A special treat for pub patrons today, as Erskinville establishment ‘The Stinky Bishop’ rolled out the yellow carpet for local grog monsters about to give it a nudge.

Boasting a freshly mopped floor and crisp new reels of bog roll, it seems pub owner Gary Resch has really gone the extra mile in welcoming back his regular midday drinkers.

“Yeah it’s a big day, thought we’d really make the place sing”, says Gary the 54-year-old publican excited to be back on the job.

“Fuck it’s been a quiet few months with all that spicy cough and the shutdown an’ what not.”

“Thought we might do a bit of renovating in the bathrooms last week and really freshen up the joint.”

And freshen the place up her has! Gary has replaced all three of the disintegrated urinal cakes in the trough with fresh toilet mints.

“Yeah to be honest, we never get round to changing them.”

“It gets a bit busy here, especially on weekends.”

“Pretty sure that last batch has sat there since the Sharks won the Grand Final back in 2016, so ya know it’s about time we turned over a new leaf.”

It seems business is booming for the toilet refresher sector, after the recent opening of Sydney’s licenced venues.

This week The Advocate spoke to uFresh, Australia’s leading supplier of urinal deodoriser cakes about the welcome spike in business.

“Yeah we’ve had orders coming in all over the place,” says Wayne Leak, sales ops manager for the wider Sydney basin.

“Half of the pubs in the state have put in an order for our para-dichlorobenzene-free, water-soluble urinal cakes.”

“They’re rapidly becoming our most popular product!

“They’ve got a 50% efficacy rate of masking the smell of Carlton Draught laced urine and gastro from a rogue Fisherman’s Basket”.

It’s been a busy week for uFresh, who’ve been hastily delivering their products across the Harbour City in time for Freedom Day.

“Mate, we even had an order come in from a strip joint out in Parramatta!”

“And they haven’t called us for new product since the Olympics!”.


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