After trying unsuccessfully to find the address for a mate’s housewarming party, Dad has resorted to desperate measures; turning down the radio to make the address easier to find.

Reports from inside the car suggest that after slowly driving up and down the street 3 times, Dad had had enough and was ready to get serious.

“What is this shit? 17, 19, 21, no number, no number, 31, 37. Quiet everybody; I’m trying to concentrate here. Which of these is supposed to be 25? He could have at least tied some balloons to the letterbox or something. Is that his car? Didn’t he used to have a Falcon like that? Which house does that driveway belong to?”

Luckily, however, moments after realising the radio was too loud to properly locate the house, Dad quickly turned the volume down and found the address almost immediately.

“There you go, 25. See; it’s on the wall of the house, not on the letterbox. No wonder we couldn’t find it; the music was so loud I could barely see the road.”

After being challenged by his passengers to prove the connection between loud noises and poor eyesight, Dad said something about ears and eyes being close to each other, mumbled something about neural pathways and scurried inside with his 6 pack of Tooheys Old in a successful bid to evade further questions.


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