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A Hobart security guard has confirmed he is still struggling to understand why an umpire didn’t utilise his expertise in breaking up a minor physical exchange between two AFL players this weekend.

This comes after the two professional athletes engaged in a brief wrestle on the field on Sunday night during the GSW Giants and North Melbourne Kangaroos game down in Hobart, prompting the guard to set foot on the field.

The 39-year-old, personal trainer by day, security guard by night said it was awful hard not to take things any further.

“Nah, not tonight fellas, not in here,” he reportedly shouted from the boundary before attempting to evict both players from the field.

Unable to comprehend how his authority wasn’t being respected, the seccie then reportedly asked Heath Shaw and North Melbourne captain Jack Ziebell how much they’d had to drink.

“Look, fellas if it were up to me, I’d let you stay but we can’t have this in here,” he explained while readjusting his high vis vest.

After the two confused players ran off, the guard said he couldn’t understand why the umpire rejected his assistance.

“This is what I do, that shit doesn’t fly under my watch,” he said.


“You’ll cop the fines not me.”


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