A desperate groomsman is on the offensive this morning, as he hopes to hustle some new online dating material.

After standing alongside his best mate last weekend at an extravagant wedding at Betoota Station, The Advocate understands local personal trainer Sam Parker has decided to take it upon himself to hurry up the team of event professionals, who he believes are taking too long with the dispatch of photography.

Reaching out to local wedding photographer @LoveBySaraJay via Instagram, Sam is believed to have attempted to slip in a cheeky request for an early dump of content, before the bride and groom get any access, despite the fact they’re the couple who bankrolled $4000 to have their wedding day captured in high-definition.

Desperate to use the reels of wedding material across his multiple dating profiles, Sam admitted to our reporter that the images of him looking handsome in a gorgeous navy suit would quickly replace the current garbage plastered on his profile, which includes a grainy image of him from his 21st and another shot of him holding a sizable Black Marlin he caught off the coast of Cairns.

“Mate the wedding was last weekend and I haven’t seen a single shot of the day yet, what’s taking so long?” Sam complained to The Advocate.

“I’ve asked the photographer to just send me all the shots that feature me, I can edit them in Instagram myself!”

Speaking to the groom of the event, Nick Shamley (32), the recently wedded friend admitted Sam’s appearance in the bridal party was as much a touching gesture as it was a charitable offer for a friend in need.

“To be honest Sam is desperately single and needs all the help he can get in the dating department.”

“I just hope he appreciates that he stole our wedding photographer away for a solid 15 minutes during the reception to get some shit shot of him adjusting his cufflinks.”

“If she’s captured that, it’ll be his new profile picture for sure!”


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