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Sadly, the bollards are still bolted to the ground at Remienko International Aerodrome after the unpleasantness in Sydney all those years ago.

However, that fact is largely being credited with saving the life of a remarkably unpopular city worker today after he abused a female staff member because she said the man’s bag is overweight and would have to be checked.

Members of the public were seen attempting to lift bollards up to stop Dale Peter Sampson from yelling at the polite and professional ticketing clerk sitting behind the FrugalFlyer desk, who was allegedly on the verge of tears.

The Advocate can reveal that Sampson, a freelance photographer, had told friends he was looking forward to abusing the airline staff if they weighed his bag – which topped out at a whopping 14kg.

However, AFP officers were luckily on hand to defuse the situation with a length of reo bar and a set of plastic handcuffs.

With a swift crack, the 28-year-old was turned off at the wall like a French protestor and his lifeless body was carried out through a secret door beside the oversize luggage conveyor.

Dale is said to be in a stable condition in Betoota Base Hospital with a skull fracture, cranial lacerations and a reattached tongue that was bitten off after his chin collided with the polish concrete floor when the focus of his anger shifted to the overalled lawmen.

More to come.


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