A local woman has today faced a conundrum many people have experienced while waiting at an airport – is that person hot or are they just my age?

It’s alleged Vanessa Erikson was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne when she found herself waiting two hours in line to get in, which according to the Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, was solely due to people not knowing how to travel properly anymore and nothing to do with staff layoffs.

Bored out of her mind as she listened to music and desperately kept track of the time, Vanessa’s eyes naturally strayed towards the numerous young men waiting in line. Most of whom, appeared to be in their twenties.

With masks being an added layer of difficulty, Vanessa struggled to work out if she’d somehow found herself in bachelor paradise or if being at an airport somehow elevated someone’s attractiveness levels. She speaks to our reporter Effie, to try and discern the phenomenon.

“Honestly I’m still not sure”, admits Vanessa, “I think they were attractive? There were so many in large groups today, perhaps it’s the cheerleader effect.”

“Nonetheless, I’m considering whether it’s worth ditching the apps and just hanging around the airport?”

Adding that she unfortunately looked like utter dogshit at the time, having sported the trackies/hair in bun look, Vanessa says next time she goes to the airport, she’s going to look her best.

“Yep, I’m going all out next time I travel, perhaps that’s how I’ll meet my husband.”

“Getting shitfaced at the bar after Jetstar announces another two hour delay.” 

More to come.


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