A new neighbour’s choice in vehicle has immediately nullified his need for a personality, after being seen unloading boxes out the boot of a 1998 Au Falcon wagon.

The silver steed, which looks like it’s been very bloody well looked after, has already launched ‘Brad’ into legend status, regardless of what comes out of his mouth over a few fence-line beers in the next couple weeks.

So well maintained is his early-incarnation of his suburban people mover, it almost looks as though it could have had a few crooks locked up in it on Blue Heelers.

Blue Heelers was an Australian police drama series that ran for 12 years on the Seven Network from 1994 to 2006 and depicted the everyday lives and relationships of the residents of Mount Thomas, a fictional small town in Victoria.

The programme was well-known for it’s sympathetic and humanising depiction of Australian police officers, but it’s mostly remembered for glorious high-speed chases involving the iconic AU Falcon.

While Holden Commodore’s would often get a feature as well, they were very rarely the main star – after Lisa McCune stated on the record in an interview with TV Week that the AU Falcon wagon played a big part in her resigning for her seventh and final season in 2000.

At time of press, Brad was seen checking the oil and water for the third time this week.

His deep-leather amphibious-sandal tanline also suggests he doesn’t mind a bit of fishing. How good.


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