John Mills, former student from the School of Hard Knocks, has bombarded his Facebook page with a slew of share-if-you-agree posts.

The father of three had been quiet on social media for the past month but has since made up for it by posting ten times a day. This comes after a

particularly bad run in with a junior at work, which has led to John feeling more entitled than usual.

“I reckon all unemployed youth should be forced to serve in the military,” says John, without provocation, “that’ll toughen them up.”

When he’s not posting fake news articles about inheritance taxes, John likes to change it up with photos of half naked women on motorcycles with captions such as ‘not sure what I want more, the bike or the babe LOL.’ John has also updated his profile picture from an image of his ute, to a screengrab of Mel Gibson circa Braveheart.

“Kids these days don’t know how easy they’ve got it,” says John, “back in my day you’d work fourteen hours, get a mortgage, and drink away your feelings. That’s when men were real men.”

John tends to be a little trigger happy when it comes to sharing content, and isn’t afraid to post things that are a little controversial.

“People are offended so easily now. Well honestly I’m offended by you calling me racist.”

His latest post, captioned ‘Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep’ has received positive remarks from his peers.

His eldest daughter, however, finds dad’s Facebook tirade quite embarrassing.

“I tried to unfriend Dad but he kicked up a fuss so I had to unfollow him instead,” says Jamie, “it wasn’t too bad until he started getting into minions. That’s when I had to put my foot down.”

Despite straining his already tumultuous relationship with his daughters, John has no plans to ease up on his Facebook spam.

“I have a voice and I won’t be silenced,” says John.

“If I don’t share that article about African gangs how will people know what to be concerned about?”

“These kids could deal with a bit more Sky After Dark. Too busy out there protesting the made up climate change hoax”


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