Local woman Brianna Hewitt is, unfortunately, the worst kind of drunk – an aggressive one.

Unlike her friends, who usually teetered somewhere between happy drunks, sloppy drunks and occasionally, the sad drunk, Brianna would find herself itching for a fight just a few cruisers in.

This can make Brianna a problematic person to go clubbing with, as her friends have to constantly assure her that no, that girl isn’t giving her a weird look. 

For tonight’s debacle, a drunk Brianna has been put into a rather compromising position, similar to riding a skittish horse on the highway – lining up at 2 am to enter Betoota’s hottest nightclub, The Toot.

Though this would have been difficult enough for even the most seasoned clubber, lining up for 35 minutes can truly bring out the worst in humanity, especially when impatience is met with drunkenness. But for Brianna, the closely wedged bodies and too many 18-year-olds has resulted in her cruiser induced aggression reaching an all-time high. And they better watch out.

“Did she fucking push me?” seethes Brianna to her mates, as a girl walking past barely brushes her shoulder.

“She pushed me ON PURPOSE.”

“No, Hannah, I will NOT settle down, she can’t do that to people.”

“Who the fuck does she think she is?”

More to come.


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