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The Prime Minister has urged his parliamentary colleagues and to a lesser extent, the nation, to consider what would become of the country’s coal industry should a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) be established.

Scott Morrison, who spoke to the media this morning out the front of a Southern Sydney Bunnings Warehouse, said that corruption is at the heart of that industry and taking steps to dismantle that will put jobs at risk.

“I want all Australians to look at this properly,” he said.

“What is the lesser evil? Aging public servants taking enormous kickbacks at the expense of the environment and the future of the planet? Or jobs?”

An ABC reporter raised her hand and started asking a question.

But that was put to a stop by the Prime Minister’s loyal but foolhardy social media advisor, who crash tackled her to the ground before she could finish.

“Jesus wept, Rohan! Take it easy! Woooo!” yelled Scott as he pulled his staffer off the journalist by his plaid RM Williams belt.

“Shows over folks, she slipped on some onion! No Federal ICAC! No Federal ICAC!”

More to come.


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