The Federal Government has today shocked the nation by appearing to display a bit of hypocrisy on a political issue.

After spending the last 12 months fighting tooth and nail to prevent anyone from investigating the behaviour of the man who was the highest-ranking law officer in the land, the Government has today revealed that the ABC can’t hide from scrutiny.

The Prime Minister made the claim after backing a Senate Inquiry into the ABC.

In backing the snap inquiry, Morrison said the public broadcaster was a government agency, and “nobody was above the scrutiny of the Senate.”

However, since making those claims, the Prime Minister has moved to clear up any confusion that has arisen.

“Sorry, I thought it was obvious that people like Christian Porter, Angus Taylor, Alan Tudge, Bridget McKenzie are above the scrutiny of the Senate,” explained Morrison in an exclusive interview with The Advocate.

“Why the hell do you think we don’t have a Federal ICAC,” he laughed.

“People like us shouldn’t be held to the same standards as everyone else.”

“What we do with taxpayer dollars isn’t up for public discussion.”

“That’s just the way it goes.”

His comments come as justification for refusing to grant an official inquiry into the behaviour of the former Attorney General of Australia, who was accused of some pretty heinous things over the last 12 months.

“Intimidating the ABC is far more important than holding our public officials to account,” explained Morrison.

“Not into making sure that the organisation is more representative of our multicultural nation, or giving voice to all parts of our nation, but into staying away from stories that make the government look bad.”

“Think about it, why the hell would we want to pay for journalists to uncover the dodgy behaviour of people in power?”

“Doesn’t make sense.”


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