Former Climate Change denying and rock-spider apologist Prime Minister Tony Abbott has this week lashed out at the nation for failing to laud him with the praise he deserves.

The ousted former Member for Warringah did so at his tribute dinner where he described his government as ‘remarkably underappreciated.’

“I used to think that the Abbott government was a remarkably underappreciated one,” he said at the dinner last night.

“The great thing tonight is that finally, I think it might be seen for what it really was — a good-faith effort to help our country to be the very best it could be,” said the man who repealed all climate change policies, refused to give an inch on marriage equality, further stigmatised welfare recipients and stood up for a convicted pedophile.

Moving onto the board of the Australian War Memorial in a move that the nation hopes will placate the mouthpiece from Manly, the man who rang George Pell to console him after his criminal conviction said he hopes that one day he will get what he ultimately deserves – a Knighthood.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, Abbott said he just can’t quite understand why a nation currently being crippled by drought, ravaged by unseasonally early bushfires, facing unheard-of power prices and a rapidly dieing natural environment doesn’t hold him in higher esteem.

“I don’t get it. I honestly don’t. I spent years trying to appeal to the hard-right by doing things like repealing climate change policies, and I’m not universally praised,” he said to us.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways though I guess, so maybe history will swing round and remember me kindly after the apocalypse brought on by the left sweeps through.”

Abbott then lost his train of thought and the conversation stalled.


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