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After being told to watch 1993 Australian cult classic picture Bad Boy Bubby by one of his film buff mates, a Betoota Heights man has been left with more questions than answers.

The last movie that Sam Elwyn saw was the new Top Gun one, something he thought was marvellous. That’s his taste, he says, in motion pictures and popular culture in general.

Speaking to The Advocate today, the 34-year-old mortgage broker said over the weekend, he spoke to a mate of his at a baby shower barbecue about the golden age of Australian movie making.

“That twenty-year period between 1985 and 2005, when we made some good flicks. That was a great time,” he said.

“From Crocodile Dundee to The Castle. Two Hands. Candy. Malcolm. Babe. Babe Pig In The City. Alibrandi. Hey Hey It’s Esther Blueburger. We had a long run of classics until Animal Kingdom ruined everything. It won an Oscar. From then on, we made gritty wanker movies. There wasn’t any joy,”

“That what I said to my mate Rick, anyway. He’s into his films. He said it wasn’t Animal Kingdom that put Australian cinema on the trajectory it’s been on for over a decade. It was a movie called Bad Boy Bubby. I hadn’t seen it so Rick told me to make time to. It’s on Netflix, which didn’t raise any red flags,”

“So I watched it last night.”

Sam didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who might want to watch it but he did want to warn them.

“Whoever made that movie needs to be sectioned immediately,” he said.

“What in green Christ did I just watch? How the fuck did that get funding? Who the fuck made it? I have so many questions. I am appalled. Honestly, it’s the most disturbed two hours I’ve seen. Not in a horror way or even a scary way. It’s just the rambles of an insane person,”

“Can someone tell me what the point of it was? Is it a satire? I couldn’t get to sleep after it.”

More to come.


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