A local woman has once again pretended to be left dumb founded by a relatively well known fact.

French Quarter share-house resident Bianca Blazer (29) has been shocked to learn the reason behind the perennially blunt knives in her kitchen – is her.

“Grrrrrrrr, it’s so annoying,” huffed Blazer this morning, trying to saw through a tomato like it was made of boot leather.

“These knives get so god damn blunt.”

The cause for consternation came after she filtered through the garbled array of kitchen utensils in the cutlery draw, in an effort to find a knife that wasn’t as blunt as a warm tin of beer at the end of a kick on.

“It’s so annoying,” said the housemate who has not hand-washed a kitchen knife since the dishwasher broke some 18 months ago.

When informed that the reason for the bluntness of the utensils and the rapid wasting of the fry pans, was in fact her inability to hand-wash them – Blazer pretended to be shocked.

“Oh really?” she laughed, pretending like she hadn’t been told this multiple times in the past, so much so that she would try and sneak the knives in and put the dishwasher on when no one was looking.

“That’s crazy, so annoying haha” she said, brushing off the conversation.

The most handy of the housemates has since begrudgingly agreed to try and sharpen the utensils once more.

More to come.


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