Political leaders have come out swinging today to criticise anyone linking the current deadly bushfires to what caused them.

While the media opportunities of being embraced by crying rural Australians who have just lost everything to the fires ravaging Queensland and New South Wales is just too good to pass up on, one thing our politicians are not going near is the actual cause of the what the NSW fire chief is predicting to be “the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen”.

This comes as Mayors from fire-ravaged areas of New South Wales have say there is no doubt in their minds that the devastating blazes tearing through their communities are a result of climate change – a proven scientific phenonemon that causes great inconvenience to the fossil fuel lobbyists and is therefore very rarely discussed or acted on by Australian politicians.

Queensland’s Labor government have joined both the NSW Liberals and the Federal Coalition leaders in declaring ‘now is not the time’ to discuss the decades of scientific reports that indicated something like this would happen.

Morrison has also spent the last three days swerving any questions about the bushfire report he was handed seven months ago but shelved the moment he realised how much it mentioned climate change.

Three people died in fires across the state at the weekend, with the State Government declaring a state of emergency amid predicted catastrophic conditions and predictions that it will only get worse.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has taken the opportunity to stick the boot into anyone who brings up the c words in backdrop of the most disastrous fires Australia has ever seen.

“What people need now is a little bit of sympathy and understanding and real assistance, they need help, they need shelter,” Mr McCormack said on ABC Radio National this morning.

“They don’t need the ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capital city greenies at this time when they are trying to save their homes.”

The Australian media and their spineless Labor opposition have taken McCormack’s advice and will do their best to no longer bring up the cause of this record-breaking climate disaster.

In some news regarding the absolute heroics of Australia’s fossil fuels industry, apparently some mining companies have lent some trucks to help with the firefighting efforts in Central Queensland, but it is not certain as to whether or not they will lend any of the 270 billion litres of water they extract from the basin and local dams annually.


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